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Music Notes
Music is The Great Refresher

Take A Break - Relax A Little
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Sock Hop
<BGSOUND SRC="sockhop.mid" LOOP="0">
Red River Valley
<BGSOUND SRC="redrivervalley.mid" LOOP="0">
Hobson Street Blues
<BGSOUND SRC="HobsonStBlues.mid" LOOP="0">

Orange Bloss. Special
<BGSOUND SRC="orangeblossomspecial.mid" LOOP="0">
Amazing Grace
<BGSOUND SRC="amagrace.mid" LOOP="0">
King of The Road
<BGSOUND SRC="KingOfTheRoad.mid" LOOP="0">

When The Saints
In The Mood
<BGSOUND SRC="InTheMood.mid" LOOP="0">
You Are My Sunshine
<BGSOUND SRC="youaremysunshine.mid" LOOP="0">

In The Garden
<BGSOUND SRC="InTheGarden.mid" LOOP="0">
Little Talk with Jesus
<BGSOUND SRC="littletalkwithjesus.mid" LOOP="0">
Put Your Hand...
<BGSOUND SRC="galilee.mid" LOOP="0">

Have I Told You Lately?
<BGSOUND SRC="haveitoldyou.mid" LOOP="0">

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