9/7/01 EDITION

WOW!!! August was another AWESOME month for SFI with over
335,000 new affiliates joining.

We also hit another huge milestone:

SFI is now OVER 3 MILLION affiliates!!

Congratulations to everyone!

There's something else very exciting about surpassing 3 million.
That is, our research indicates that we are now the WORLD'S
marketing network!

Truly, you are part of one of the biggest success stories of the
new century.

But here's a secret: We haven't even shifted into second gear
yet. If you compare SFI to Fortune 500 companies (a club that
SFI will be joining in the near future), we are but an INFANT,
still just learning to crawl. SFI has no Personnel Director yet.
We don't yet have an accounting department. We've yet to even
have business cards printed!

But don't let that fool you, for what makes SFI truly great is a
business model that is unlike anything that has ever existed
before. Tightly aligned with the Internet, SFI has rode the wave
as the Internet has moved across the globe. And don't let ANYONE
tell you that the Internet is fading. The internet is a
REVOLUTION that has only just begun. JUST LIKE SFI!

We can feel the future and it is VERY BIG. In just 8 months,
we've outgrown our current headquarters of 6000 square feet.
We've just added a 3500 square foot shipping center, yet we may
very well outgrow it within a year. In 17 years in business, our
staff is now twice as big as it's ever been and we will likely
double again in the next six months.

The point is, we've already made history, but you haven't seen
ANYTHING yet! A multitude of exciting new products and services
are coming to SFI. We're investing over $100,000 in all new
hardware and software to provide an infrastructure that can scale
up to handle TENS OF MILLIONS of affiliates. And while this may
be hard to imagine, we've got dozens of aces up our sleeves
that we've yet to play! I kid you not; the last 18 months has
been SO HECTIC that some of our best marketing ideas -- concepts
that will have huge impacts on sales and growth -- have had to
wait on the back burner. I assure you, they won't be there too
much longer. Over the coming year, we will play these aces. And,
oh, is it going to be FUN!

SFI's potential is as big as anyone can dream. Before we are
done, SFI will be as well-known as any company in history. We
are going to "put a dent in the universe."
Go check out our President's Club
(www.sfimg.com/presidentsclub/). Those smiling faces you see --
most are just ordinary people who see where SFI is headed and
have done something about it. Indeed, many of those smiling
faces will be earning well over a million dollars a year with

Make no mistake; a very bright and glorious future is ahead. If
you haven't yet got serious about your SFI business, now's the

Gery Carson
Founder and President

P.S. Now, 2004, there are over eight million registered Affiliates in over 190 countries and growing! There's plenty of room for you on the vast Internet! Come join us - we're increasing our income.

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